29 August 2010

Happy 26th anniversary to us..

Jam di tangan menunjukkan pukul 12.25pagi. Milo pun dah habis segelas tadi. Now waiting my ofismate yang sedang menapau burger. Laparlah pulak malam2 ni kan..

Happy 26th anniversary to me and my kio. I dont expect him to be alert on our anniversary because we never celebrate it! I mean we dont celebrate it in a special ways like others. Cukuplah sekadar sms sudah memadai. But I dont want to send sms / wish anniversary to him. Im in a silence mode.... But he still keep sending me sms and asking "Syg buat apa tu?". Well, the reason why I didnt reply is just because I want to see him so badly. I miss my kio so muchhh..

Merana sungguh bila berjauhan. Cepatlah balik... :(

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