15 August 2010

Lets twist again..


Today is the 5th day of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, not much challenges. Well it has been a years since I updated my Xanga blog. I have decided to "berhijrah" from Xanga to Blogspot without any reasons. Probably I think Blogspot is the most top and well-known blogging community in the world. So all the blog entries that had posted in Xanga would remain in private. Actually I'm not hiding from someone else but when I read back alll those entries, boleh tergelak sorang2 because it was too emotional and jiwangsss. So I moved to Blogspot and lets twist it again! Hope tak ada post2 yang sedih, emo, jiwang and what so ever. Merangkak and terkial2 jugak mula2. I took almost 2days in designing this blog as I wish it could be my personal blog permanently. Aja2 fighting!

Apparently nothing new in me. Still staying with my family, loving my kio with all of my heart, working at Maxis with same routine (benci shift, argghh!), struggling to put on weight but jenglot masih bermaharajalela in my stomach, everyday is boring sebab masih belum2 kahwin lagi (kuikuikui), still blurry sebab selalu out of focus, and apa lagi heh? Haaaa,  I think I got a new story to be shared but kena tunggu okay. I'll post it by next week insyaallah. 

Wishing u all Selamat Berbuka!

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