20 August 2010

WUG 475

Well, this is the moment. Alhamdulillah, I've just received WUG 475 safely. The process went so fast and and I still can't believe it! Special thanks to abah bcoz topupkan sikit untuk down payment (kuikui), my kio yang sanggup belanja for plate's number (475 is the last 3digit from my mobile number), and also to Elaine and KR from Toyota.

 yeaaahhh, nice!

with my beloved abah..

with Elaine from Toyota..

Angah and abah is checking the engine..

Tapi yang tak beshnya, I am not feeling well! Just came back from Klinik Ng & Lee with my officemate, Kak Laili. Thanks bcoz sudi bawa ke klinik. So malam ni terpaksa habiskan kerja sampai jam 7pagi dan besok dapat MC. Okaylah, it's time for me to take rest for a while. Bye.

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