12 December 2010

Beautiful Sunday morning (lol)..


It's a beautiful Sunday morning. Yeaaahh, I'm in the office right now, heavenly updating my blog + FB while listening to Taylor Swift's song "Speak Now" (girlish gilee, hehe). Sekala sekala kan but it's really2 a nice song that can relax your mind and ease your stress! It's Sunday right? So no need to push myself as it seems the clock is ticking slower than normal. Nevermind, some of my job task still in progressing and some of them has been completed. Just chill and I keep repeating "Speak Now" over and over again, haha.

Yes, we are getting closer of year 2011. Most of my friends had just married/engaged. I'm so happy (jealous sikit pun ada) watching them moving one step to start their own family. When we talk about preparation for marriage/engagement, my mind straightly thinking about $$$, haha. Don't you know it might cost you around 20k - 30k - 40k (depending on your budget) but that huge amount makes me freak out to get married! Even I have been working since 2008 still tak dapat kumpul sebanyak tu. But I'm struggling for "our" mission to get married at the end of 2011 (insyaAllah)..

At the same time I feel anxious because of my Kio's status which currently being "unemployment". Bukan kena buang kerja okay, but he is just graduated. Bukan extend or repeat subject okay, but a bit late than others because he was a diploma holder before. To make it clearer, diploma (2years) + degree (4years), so he took 6years to finish up everything. Actually I'm so proud of him as we have been through together with different environment and now we are still loving each other. I don't care what people said about our relationship. I believe he is the man who is willing to spend for the rest of his life with me.

We still at first stage in preparing "our" day. We don't have any specific dates yet but at least we have time to make the process perfect! Kalau boleh tak nak rushing. I have compiled a few basic hantaran for engagement ceremony.. Half of them ada yang dah beli. Hopefully semua settle by next year before February (insyaAllah)..

Hantaran bertunang dari Pihak Perempuan (kepada Pihak Lelaki)

1) Baju melayu + Sampin - (sampin dah beli, baju melayu beli end of this month)
2) Kasut - (belum lagi)
3) Sirih junjung - (ditanggung beres)
4) Kek - (ditanggung beres)
5) Coklat - (ditanggung beres)
6) Buah - (ditanggung beres)
7) * - (tak tahu lagi, maybe cincin kot)

Hantaran bertunang dari Pihak Lelaki  (kepada Pihak Perempuan)

1) Baju untuk nikah - (end if this month)
2) Cincin - (dah beli!)
3) Kasut - (belum beli)
4) Sirih junjung - (ditanggung beres)
5) Kek - (ditanggung beres)

Pelik kenapa perempuan kena bagi extra 2 item. Tak puas hati betul, (lol). So what is still pending until now is baju nikah (for both of us) and kasut. Hm, planning to buy kasut from Lynda Rahim but the price is quite high (around RM350). Hope ada rezeki lebih nanti, hehe. And also * tu still have no idea what for him. Cincin tu sesuai ke? Hmm, will thinking of it.

That's all for today. Tata~


  1. Salam Perkenalan Cik La

    Terima kasih sudi singgah di blog Mama. Seronok ye nak bertunang tak lama lagi... mudah2an semuanya berjalan lancar.

    FB mama Paezah Baba

  2. Salam perkenalan Mama..

    Sama2 dan saya amat tersentuh bila baca blog Mama. At the same time blog Mama really2 inspiring saya.

    Saya dah add blog Mama, nanti accept ya :)