29 June 2011

Someome just made me smile :)

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Someone just made me smile? Who is she? Jengjengjenggg... It's all because of SMS !

I received her sms this morning while I'm driving to office. When I read it, senyum sampai kat telinga :).

The sender is Awin, My Kio's sister. She'll be my future sis-in-law (insyaAllah). Actually we're in the same age (since My Kio is 1year younger than me) but I should respect her as "kakak". I adore her sooooo much because she is "ustazah" and she's now teaching Arabic language at UKM. Amazing right? I need to learn a lot from her in term of how to be a "wanita solehah". For me, she's perfecto!

Back to the content of sms that she sent to me, I was so happy because she did ask me "macam mana persiapan?". Since I have no kakak in this world but that kinda question is an extra step in showing her concern and at the same time, she welcome me to be part of her family. Alhamdulillah..

Thanks awin. You really made my day!

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