29 September 2011

Imperfect Tea Break

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Had a meeting at Maxis Sentral. The meeting was so boring and luckily it finished earlier around 4pm. So I decided to have a tea break at KL Sentral before catching the train. I've chosen my fav desert, bread pudding with white tea.

But something was not right. Probably I was alone.. I felt awkward eating with no one in front of me :(..

I miss him so badly. Now he's working at Kluang, Johor for 2days. Being apart with him is the most thing I hate! However I have to understand that his job needs him to travel around the state quite often. Nasib still in Malaysia. But I need TIME to adapt this kinda situation..

Btw, today is our 39th anniversary. No matter what happened, my love for him will never dies. Love him truly, madly and deeply..


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