03 October 2011

60days more to go!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Actually above pic was captured this morning and been sent to my bestfriend - Dalila, Faridah and Iskandar. Just to ensure them 60days more to go to celebrate my big day!

It's soooo amazing having this kinda feeling. The cuakness is still there but the most important thing is I'm so excited to be a wife and can't wait to have a baby! (Opppss, I think this is a natural feeling for every woman out there).

Ouh, just wanna tell you this Saturday is My Kio's graduation day! I feel fortunate, spent 3years waiting him to settle down his study. Never know that I'm in love with my junior and in 60days I'll become his wife! Love is blind right?

It's a qada' and qadar.. Im so grateful, alhamdulillah and I hope Allah has a good plans for our future.. Aminnnn..


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