26 October 2011

Beware of this kinda people!

Assalamualaikum wbt,
Status ni sebenarly intentionally dedicated to someone. Someone who will be part of my family jugak. I feel stressed when reading her status in FB eventhough I have deleted her in my friendlist. I'm thinking how can I stand with a women where I supposedly call her as "akak" with this kinda attitude.
I believe all the status yang jiwang-jiwang and more to menagih simpati has a special meaning and pointing to someone's boyfriend! I don't understand how come she is tend to destroy other relationships and playing with her chaos feeling. Seems like every minute nak post that she missing him, she can't sleep, feeling empty, keep on waiting, need to go somewhere to get some peaceful of mind and so on.
At the same time, I feel so pity to her. Maybe she is so desperate to have a man in her life where she can falling in love like others. But she doesn't realize that she is doing some stupid mistake and showing it to everybody!
Huh, so weird and menjatuhkan maruah wanita..
Thats all for today..
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