22 February 2012

6weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 0.30 inch
Weight: 0.01 ounce

Maternal Changes
Are you tired yet? Most pregnant women at the 6-week mark have a hard time staying awake. You didn't know having a baby would want to make you sleep like one, did you? Morning sickness may be making you feel a little green to say the least! If it's really bad, try taking your vitamins at night instead of in the morning. Your body is now involved in the intricate process of placenta making this week. It will still be several weeks before your baby can rely upon it though, so stock up on healthy foods. Your heart is probably beating around 15 beats MORE per minute now, due to all the hard work you are doing making baby. Increased blood flow and volume will last until after delivery. As for weight, don't feel bad if you've gained a couple pounds. Some women start gaining weight the minute the pregnancy test turns pink, while others lose weight in the beginning. This is mostly water weight at this point, so don't fret about it.

Fetal Changes
Believe it or not, your baby is starting to look less like a tadpole this week. The head, which is the first thing to start developing, is beginning to grow rapidly. Large, black circles exist where the eyes will be and even the tiny passageways for the ears and nose are beginning to emerge. Your baby is big enough that a trans-vaginal ultrasound can actually pick them up on the screen – even though he or she is only the size of a grain of rice! Your baby is shaped like a comma, with a small tail that will soon be the spinal cord. While your baby cannot hold your hand yet, miniature buds are forming where the arms and legs will soon be. The heart may begin to beat this week, although you will not be able to hear it with a Doppler for a few more weeks. The heart and head are growing the fastest right now because they will be needed first.

Tips for Dad
Is pregnancy changing things? Many women do not want to have sex during this phase of pregnancy, which has nothing to do with you. They may be frightened, or simply just not be feeling up to the occasion. Find other ways to be intimate, like giving her a massage. Make sure that you give your partner plenty of time to rest this week, as this is one of the most critical weeks in pregnancy. Don't worry her libido may return soon and the fatigue, well…that might just last forever! Try to be patient.

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