29 February 2012

7weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 0.50 inch
Weight: 0.02 ounce

Maternal Changes
Does week seven feel like Heaven? Okay, perhaps not yet. You might feel very pregnant – or not pregnant at all. Either is fine. It may be hard to believe that carrying something the size of a blueberry can actually make your jeans feel a tad tighter. But it does, mostly because you are retaining fluid and your growing uterus is rearranging your abdomen. This week your cervix will be sealed up by the mucous plug. This prevents anything harmful from gaining access to your baby, and keeps the cervix closed. Morning sickness may be getting worse because HCG, the human pregnancy hormone is increasing every day. Eat small, frequent meals and try to start your day with crackers or something dry.

Fetal Changes
Your baby is making big strides this week. The beginnings of teeth are developing and ear and eye formation is booming! The tiny body will begin dividing into sections that will form the abdominal cavity, arms and legs in just a few weeks. Your little one even has flippers for feet and hands at this point. The liver, pancreas, stomach, esophagus, and appendix are also sprouting roots. Facial features are in the makings, but would still be unrecognizable to the human eye. Even more exciting is the formation of the umbilical cord, which is your baby's lifeline to YOU! This is how you will nourish your baby until delivery.

Tips for the Week
It is very common (and unsettling) to worry about miscarriage at this point. Often, physicians become immune to this aspect of pregnancy. Try to relax! Stay away from people who feel determined to share horror stories and THINK POSITIVE. If something just doesn't feel right to you, follow your gut and insist on seeing your doctor. A good one will give you an ultrasound, if for nothing else – to ease maternal stress!

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