24 March 2012

10weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 1.22 inch
Weight: 0.14 ounce

Maternal Changes
Can you believe that your uterus is now the size of a grapefruit? You might be showing, although maternity clothes will still look pretty silly on you at this point. Mood swings are common during this phase of pregnancy. Blame it on the hormones, like everything else. They will get better in the second trimester. You may have gained anywhere from 0 – 5 pounds at this point. Some women gain more, some less. You are probably noticing more veins than ever before, which is due to your increased blood volume. This can also cause headaches, dizziness, and some minor swelling. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Water is boring, but absolutely essential. Also, avoid organ meats that have too much Vitamin A. Excess vitamin A can harm your baby. Stick to your prenatal vitamins as the exclusive source of supplementation. You are almost over the hump. Hormones peak this week and you can expect some of the nausea and fatigue to begin fading away from this point forward.

Fetal Changes
All your uneasiness over the past two months is really paying off. Your baby is now considered a fetus! All of the internal organs are now formed and fully functional. The heart is beating away and has almost completed the formation of all four chambers. Your little one is even beginning to grow teeth buds. Because your baby is drinking amniotic fluid now, your baby will begin urinating. Rumor has it the baby can even taste your amniotic fluid, so be careful what you eat – lest you make your baby a junk food junkie! Your baby has lost its tail completely. Facial features are continuing to define. Did you know that your baby even has a functional, although small tongue? Amazing progress!

Tips of the Week
Fearful of the scale? The key isn't how much or how fast you gain, but the fact that you are eating well-balanced meals. Every woman is different as far as weight gain. The majority of what you are gaining right now is due to water and excess blood volume. Tips for dad…avoid telling your wife that she is getting bigger or fatter! She is rather sensitive right now and those words may not go over so well. Interestingly, it is very common for dad to be having sympathy pains this week. A common occurrence in men is to actually feel symptomatic of pregnancy and experience weight gain, nausea, aversions or cravings. Absolutely true and completely funny. Ha, ha, ha dad!

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