09 March 2012

8weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 0.63 inch
Weight: 0.04 ounce

Maternal Changes
Your baby is still much smaller than a peanut (more like a raspberry), but your uterus is now the size of a small orange. Still very few first time moms are showing at this point, at least to the outside world. Your lower abdomen may feel hard and tight, and even sore like it does if you do too many sit-ups, which is normal as you stretch and grow. Breasts may be tender by now and growing. This can be good news for those of us less than endowed! Between morning sickness, exhaustion, anxiety, and worry – you might be thinking pregnancy is not all it's cracked up to be! Don't worry; things will be turning around soon.

Fetal Changes
Meanwhile, your baby is becoming active this week. You still can't feel your baby move yet. Your little one is very busy growing the cardiovascular system as your baby's heart is fluttering around inside the chest cavity. Your baby weighs less than a paper clip right now, but is doubling in size rapidly. The ears are developing quickly and will be the first sensory organ to work inside the womb (get your singing lessons now). Eye formation is in high gear this week as well. Your baby is beginning to uncurl from its position and the tail is now flattening out into the roots of the spinal cord. By the end of this week, your baby will have finger and toe buds – elbows and knees and take on a much more humanlike appearance. Wonder whose nose your baby will get? This week the tip of the nose becomes visible.

Tips this Week
You and the dad to be might be anxious to hear the heartbeat! While your baby's heart is likely beating this week, don't be disappointed if you cannot hear it yet. It may take until week 11 to pick up on a Doppler device. Ignore promises made by heart beat monitors you might find in a baby super store to avoid unnecessary worry. Also, use this time to plan a trip for the two of you sometime during the second trimester. By then, you will be an old pro at being pregnant, and the two of you will definitely need and enjoy a last getaway together before you become parents. Think of it as your last chance to sow some wild (but not too wild, remember – you're pregnant) oats!

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