18 March 2012

9weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 0.90 inch
Weight: 0.07 ounce

Maternal Changes
Week nine and all is fine! Up until this point, you may have cringed at the thought of exercise. But now's the time. Exercise will make you feel better, make pregnancy easier, and help you with delivery. If you aren't used to exercising, take a walk every day to recharge your batteries. Good news is that you have now officially missed two periods (consider that the silver lining if nothing else!) Don't be alarmed if your nipples are beginning to darken. This is just a result of hormones. HCG levels are still raging making you feel emotional, exhausted and either very, very hungry or sick at your stomach. Do the best you can. In just a few weeks, you can kiss the first trimester behind.

Fetal Changes
Luckily, your baby is not tired and has plenty of energy this week. Your little one now is close to the size of a grape, and is starting to look more and more human every day. The eyes are fully developed! The lids will stay fused shut until later in pregnancy. The fingers and toes have sprouted and are still webbed at this point. So, are you gonna have a boy or a girl? You won't know for quite a while, but the reproductive organs are beginning developing this week. Amazingly, your baby already has 99% of all the muscles they will need for life. Even the lungs are starting to develop – although they will be the last thing ready for delivery.

Tips of the Week
Start a pregnancy diary now. Yes, you're tired but once in a lifetime events are happening right now and you will forget them! Record reactions, the way you feel, what your cravings may be, how dad is feeling and your early inklings about the personality of your baby. When your baby turns 18 or when you are expecting your first grandchild – these memories will be precious!

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