12 April 2012

13weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 2.91 inches
Weight: 0.81 ounce

Maternal Changes
By now you may have gained anywhere from 3 – 5 pounds. Hatching, the process where men take on your symptoms may still be occurring in your household. Hopefully, as hormones begin to balance you are feeling like your old self again. If you have extra energy, use it to take a walk or get some exercise. Some women begin getting a dark line on their belly by week 13. The linea negra runs vertically, straight through the bellybutton and is caused by hormones. If you see red patches or itchy skin, use creams and lotions to ease the discomfort. That may also help prevent stretch marks. Round ligament pain may replace nausea as your newest worst symptom. This pain feels like pinching or stretching across your abdomen. This is caused by the rapid expansion of the ligaments and muscles that surround your pelvic organs.

Fetal Changes
If you are carrying a little girl, she now has around 2 million eggs in her itty-bitty ovaries! This means you are also carrying the blueprint of your future grandchildren. Your baby can now put a thumb in its mouth and will soon start sucking it. Your little one will also begin strengthening cheek muscles by rooting and sucking, which prepares your baby for breast-feeding. The nose and lips are complete this week. The voice box now begins to develop which will enable your baby to cry when your baby is born. The reproductive genitalia are emerging and very specialized ultrasounds would be able to ascertain gender. It will still be a few weeks before you will know.

Tips for the Week
Prenatal yoga! Even if you have never done yoga before, sign up for a prenatal yoga class by a certified prenatal teacher. This can make a tremendous difference in how you are affected by pregnancy. You will learn how to properly stretch, breath and can even begin practicing birthing positions that may be beneficial for you. Plus, it's a great way to get in touch with other expectant moms and it will help you stay in shape. The better you take care of yourself during pregnancy, the easier it will be to rebound afterwards.

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