19 April 2012

14weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 3.42 inches
Weight: 1.52 ounce

Maternal Changes
You may start feeling small contractions this week. Don't worry, it's just your ligaments continuing to stretch to accommodate your uterus. Your nipples are likely getting larger and still darkening. They will change dramatically with pregnancy. Your uterus takes up the majority of space in your lower abdomen. It may extend from your pubic bone to right below your belly button. If you have any belly jewelry, you should remove it if you have not done so already. If you are still feeling nauseas from time to time, you may be one of the few women who experience it throughout pregnancy. Heartburn or indigestion may also begin around this week. Continue to eat small balanced meals. Your doctor can prescribe supplements if you are having problems with constipation. Periods of constipation followed by diarrhea are common during pregnancy. And why not, everything else is crazy – so constipation and diarrhea just make sense!

Fetal Changes
Your baby is now as long as your thumb and as big as a peach. In just one week, your baby has doubled in length and weight. Lanugo, a fine layer of hair will begin forming on your baby. Lanugo protects your baby's skin. Your little one is now relying upon the placenta and umbilical cord to nourish its body. Your baby is also practicing inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. This strengthens the muscles that your baby will use to breathe when born. The hands are becoming more and more coordinated every day. Soon, your baby will be grabbing things in utero. The ears and eyes are still developing and moving as your baby's face becomes more humanlike.

Tips for the Week
Dad, suddenly noticing the rapid growth may begin worrying about how the baby will change the future. It is normal for parents to worry about the financial aspects of having a child. Now is a good time to look for places where you can make some cutbacks and even make plans for labor and delivery when you might not be earning an income. While this worry is natural, it shouldn't take the joy out of the pregnancy. Make plans, set goals and even talk with a financial advisor to map out the future. Truth is no one can ever truly afford children, but parents make it work!

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