30 April 2012

15weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 3.98 inches
Weight: 2.47 ounces

Maternal Changes
Aren't you adorable? Your skin is glowing, your nails are growing. Your hair is shiny and luxurious. You have an adorable little baby bump that you likely cannot keep your hands off of. You are experiencing the joys of pregnancy. You aren't too big at this point to hinder your movement and yet you are big enough that people know you are pregnant. Hormones are settling down. It is very important to continue eating healthily. You should be increasing your caloric intake by 300 calories per day. And no, this doesn't mean by eating a candy bar!! You may notice that you are getting sick more often. Remember during pregnancy, your immune system is slightly oppressed! If you are in the middle of flu season, you may want to talk to your OBGYN about vaccinations. Eating right and sleeping properly are essential to your health. Should you get sick, don't just reach for any over the counter medications. Instead, call your physician and get a list of medications safe to use during pregnancy.

Fetal Changes
Ossification begins this week. This means that the mini bones in your baby's body will begin hardening. The face is becoming more defined with each passing day and your baby is gaining weight and length quickly! Inside your belly, your baby is blinking, swallowing, yawning, and even batting eyelashes that are now present. Your baby may even be smiling! The brain is structurally developed and will be working to increase mass from now to delivery. Your baby is also very active, strengthening the neck and back muscles. Unfortunately, your baby still isn't big enough for you to feel these movements.

Tips for the Week
Cravings may begin or may have already begun. Are you constantly sending your spouse out to gather ice cream, pickles, jalapeno peppers, or chocolate? These cravings normally indicate something that you need nutritionally. However, many women begin craving strange non-food items during pregnancy. This is called 'pica' and can be dangerous. If this happens to you call your doctor. Also remember dad…mom isn't eating literally for two. Many men think that feeding mom is the key to a healthy pregnancy! It is more about the quality of food you eat rather than the quantity.

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