02 April 2012

11weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 1.61 inch
Weight: 0.25 ounce

Maternal Changes
Oh mama mia! Your uterus is growing at an amazing rate. Is it becoming harder and harder to button your jeans? Rejoice, that is your child growing inside of you. If you could see your cervix, vulva, and vagina, you would notice that they are taking on a bluish tint due to increased blood flow. You also might be warmer than normal, wearing short sleeves in the winter and kicking all the blankets off at night. This is your body working hard! With 11 weeks of prenatal vitamins and the presence of more estrogen, your hair and nails are growing quickly and you are starting to glow. The question is whether it is sweat or just plain pregnancy making you flush. Either way life is good. If you have been using coffee to keep you going, make sure you limit your caffeine. It is also found in many food items. Get ready for a huge growth spurt and be ready to kiss the first trimester good bye!

Fetal Changes
This week your baby makes a major lifestyle change! Blood will begin circulating through your baby's body, and the placenta will begin to function. This is great news for your baby. The head is still very large and makes up for half of the length at this point. You could compare your baby to the size of a fig (the fruit, not the cookie). Structurally and internally, your baby has all the ingredients for a perfect baby. The next 10 weeks will prove to be exciting as your baby learns how to coordinate the brain and body together. Your little one is about to embark on a journey of tremendous growth. Your baby is moving a lot, swimming through the amniotic fluid. You still cannot feel this. Your baby may even have hiccups as your baby practices using the diaphragm. The most critical stages of development are considered over, although your baby still has a long way to go.

Tips for the Week
If you are over 35, or have had a child or a family history of Downs Syndrome, your doctor may talk to you about having a test to see whether your baby is at risk. This can be done via ultrasound or through a series of CVS tests. These are optional and you and your partner may want to further research before you have the tests. Risks can be involved. Dear Dad to Be - The mother to be in your life will be leaving the first trimester behind next week. Order some flowers, make her a special dinner, or buy her something she wants! This is a huge milestone in her life. Who knows, it may just be enough to rekindle your sex life which for most folks, declines during the first trimester. Put it down on your to-do list and she will think you are amazing!

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