04 May 2012

16weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 4.57 inches
Weight: 3.53 ounces

Maternal Changes
Can you believe you are 4 months pregnant! As bone hardening continues, you may start feeling your baby move at any time. However, most first time moms don't normally feel this until the 5th month. The ligaments across your abdomen are stretching and may be causing you pain. Sciatic pain becomes normal as increased pressure on the nerves causes tingling and numbness to occur. Stretching and walking may help! If you notice that you have a constant stuffy nose, it isn't because you have a cold. The increased blood volume, now 40% more than normal, can cause these symptoms. You may also have nosebleeds, which are common in pregnancy. Likely, your sense of smell is now extremely acute. This can cause even more food aversions. On the flip side, you may be able to get a circus act entitled, "Name that perfume!"

Fetal Changes
Your baby's opposable thumb is now working, meaning your baby can grab hold of things. Soon, it will be grabbing your hand! Bone growth is spiking, yet many of the bones are not yet connected to one another. The umbilical cord is now firmly attached to your baby's abdomen. Your baby is able to move its eyes. The tiny heart pumps an amazing amount of blood per day. If you could see your baby, your baby would be about as long as a pencil and as plump as an avocado. Your baby's biggest job right now is learning how to utilize the brain to move the body, something your baby will be practicing even beyond birth. The movements are becoming more purposeful and will feel like gentle flutters to you.

Tips of the Week
Wishing you had a glass of wine? There are many theories about drinking while pregnant. Most of them recommend against it. Many schools of thought indicated that a glass of red wine may even be healthy. The problem is that the alcohol in wine or any adult beverage WILL reach your baby. Fetal alcohol syndrome has been seen in infants whose moms only had one to two drinks a day. Your best bet is to avoid it. And out of respect for you, dad should do. (Did you hear that Dad?)

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