20 May 2012

17weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 5.12 inches
Weight: 4.94 ounces

Maternal Changes
Are you tired of your breasts being tender? This may start to decline a bit, but they will definitely start exploding with growth. Not only are they darker, showing more veins – and small bumps may be developing around the nipple. Go up a bra size and avoid underwire. Shop for ones that are comfortable at this point. It can be difficult to do a breast exam because they feel knotty as glands begin developing for milk production. If you have nursed a baby before, you may even be leaking colostrums already. Joint loosening will start taking place this week. This helps prepare your body for childbirth. It can cause you to lose balance, and you may hear your joints popping and clicking. This is caused by…you guessed it…more hormones! You may have gained anywhere from 5 – 10 pounds by now. Your uterus is now the size of a cantaloupe and is likely giving you pain in the back!

Fetal Changes
This week, your baby and the placenta are the same size. From here on out though, your baby is collecting subcutaneous fat under the skin. Your baby continues to swallow, blink, suck, and breathe in amniotic fluid. Your little one is even beginning to build up meconium (her first poo) in the digestive tract. The taste buds are all in place. Some theories suggest that what a mother eats during pregnancy can affect her child's taste buds. Choose wisely mom! BIG NEWS! Hope you took those singing lessons, because your baby can now hear you! By birth, your baby will be able to recognize voices that are often around.

Tips for the Week
It can be hard to get dad on board, but now's the time. Have him put his hands on your belly and see if you can feel the baby move. Also, make sure that dad sings, plays guitars, or at least recites his favorite alma mater chant to your stomach so the baby will be familiar with it. This is the time to have lots of fun! Also, remember time is running out for your last ditch vacation. As long as your pregnancy is normal, you can fly well into the third trimester. Plan a trip together. One more thing for dads only! To be frank, you must know that your penis cannot and will not hurt the baby! Many men believe falsely that having sex will cause some sort of damage to their baby. Sorry to disappoint, but there are few, if any men (let's just say none) – well enough endowed to reach the baby.

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