22 May 2012

18weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 5.59 inches
Weight: 6.70 ounces

Maternal Changes
This is a great week to be pregnant. Hopefully your early symptoms are gone. You might notice increased saliva in your mouth lately – another weird effect of pregnancy. Also, something called 'postural hypotension' may be making you feel faint or dizzy. This is because you are pumping so much blood; your circulatory system has a hard time keeping up. Exercise can help! So get moving. Joint loosening hormones are making your hips even more limber (and sore). Your uterus sits right below your belly button by this point. The 'mask of pregnancy' may also begin developing. This is simply a painless, splotchy brownish or red rash on your face, neck, arms, and even abdomen. It will go away after pregnancy. With your belly skin stretching, now is the time to use Mothers Creams to reduce stretch marks. They may itch or even hurt through pregnancy.

Fetal Changes
From today through the next four weeks, your baby's weight will increase by six times. The legs and arms will begin growing quickly to bring your baby's body into proportion. Believe it or not, the umbilical cord will also grow thicker and longer as your baby grows. A routine ultrasound would likely be able to reveal the sex of your baby by the 18th week. Don't be disappointed however if your baby is in 'concealed' position. An ultrasound can also detect any structural abnormalities or birth defects in the major organs, bones, and spine. Your baby is very active and is developing fingerprints this week. The hearing is becoming more acute and your baby now responds to different levels of light.

Tip of the Week
If your ultrasound is scheduled this week, make sure to call ahead. Many will allow you to bring a DVD so you can record the event. You and your partner should go to this appointment together, as it is an amazing thing to see your baby for the first time. Depending on the results of this ultrasound, your due date may change. Remember – due date schmoo date – it's just an educated guess and less than 5% of babies ever arrive on their due date!

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