22 May 2012

19weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 6.02 inches
Weight: 8.47 ounces

Maternal Changes
Backache and strain are becoming good friends of yours. Really, it's a good thing. It means your baby is growing by leaps and bounds. Your ligaments are stretching and now your frame has to support all this extra weight. You may feel shooting pains in the groin area as well. Your uterus will be growing about a centimeter a week from now until delivery. If you sit down a lot during the day, make sure to take breaks and walk around. Some women may start to experience swelling of the feet, hands, and face. This can be dangerous – so you need to monitor it. Drink plenty of fluids and prop your feet up. Your doctor will begin checking your cervix. Essentially, the procedure is like a pap smear. If they notice changes, they may put you on bed rest. If you notice contraction type pain that lasts consistently for over an hour, you should seek medical attention. Good news, if you haven't felt the baby move yet – it may just happen this week.

Fetal Changes
Vernix, which is a cheesy substance, is starting to cover your baby. This helps with delivery and protects your baby from the constant exposure to moisture. Your baby is swallowing more and more amniotic fluid. And your baby's digestive organs are responding already. The ten tiny toes are developing. Right now, your baby sleeps 18 hours per day and is awake for six hours. During awake times, which are often when you are resting, your baby will be very active.

Tip of the Week
Getting comfortable during pregnancy is no laughing matter. You may have to make changes to your bed, use more pillows, or even buy a new mattress. It is important to try and sleep on your left side, as it reduces strain on your major organs and enables blood flow to the placenta. In the second and third trimester, moms to be are recommended to not sleep on their backs. This can put too much pressure on your back and on the baby. Use pillows to prop between your knees. As your belly gets heavier, you may even want to use a pillow to prop it up while you lie down.

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