04 June 2012

20weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 10.08 inches
Weight: 10.58 ounces

Maternal Changes
YOU ARE AT THE HALF WAY POINT! Doesn't it seem like just yesterday you found out you were pregnant? Now look at you. You even have the blossoming belly to prove it. You need to choose this milestone to take care of your teeth. Your teeth may be suffering because the baby is getting all of your nutrients. They may even be bleeding more than normal. If you have noticed shortness of breath, it is nothing to worry about. Your uterus is now pushing on your digestive organs and lungs, making it hard to breathe. Indigestion can be unpleasant at this point and you should avoid trigger foods. Your belly button may be protruding out instead of in, and may even be sore to the touch. The dark line on your stomach is likely much more defined by this point as well. Most women have gained between 10 – 18 pounds by this point. Some more, some less.

Fetal Changes
The placenta is done growing, but not done working. The vernix is now covering your entire baby and the skin is beginning to thicken. The teeth buds (complete with enamel and dentin) are complete and hair growth on the head is going into overdrive. Your baby can now see, hear, and SMELL – the latest sense to develop. You could compare your baby's size to that of a mango. If you are having a girl, the uterus is formed. If you are having a boy the testis are starting to descend. Your baby is practicing breathing – despite having very immature lung functions. Your little one will start kicking its legs and arms with more force in the upcoming weeks.

Tip of the Week
Mom and dad need to schedule childbirth classes. They tend to fill up rather quickly and you want to complete them before the 34th week of pregnancy. These classes offer a great look at what to expect and can help you make important decisions. They also can be a lot of fun and generally prepare you for childbirth and beyond! You should also register with your hospital of choice this week. When both parents do this together, it ensures there is always someone who knows what is going on. If you don't have a birthing plan yet, begin developing one. They can be very detailed and even go so far as to dictate who can and cannot be in the room when you deliver. It is very important to have a birthing plan – but to remain flexible in case things change during labor. Are you going all-natural or do you want pain medications. This is just one thing you should discuss with your doctor.

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