18 June 2012

22weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 10.94 inches
Weight: 15.17 ounces

Maternal Changes
Can you believe your baby weighs ONLY about 1 pound? By this point in your pregnancy, your baby weighs close to the one-pound mark. Sadly, you are starting to feel like you are carrying a heavy water balloon, rather than a baby. Your little one will now begin putting on weight in the form of body fat. You will also start gaining weight more quickly, and the average weight gain for you is roughly ½ pound per week from this point forward. (Forget trying to add it all up, your focus should be on eating healthy rather than the reading on the scale). Look for some changes also with the size of your feet, as they may begin swelling. Look at it as another opportunity to shop for maternity clothes and shoes. Your doctor may be testing you for gestational diabetes this week. Prepared to be grossed out by the glucose drink, but other than that – it's a breeze!

Fetal Changes
As your baby starts gaining fat, you will definitely be able to feel your baby's movements more accurately. The reproductive organs for both girls and boys are complete this week and the baby will even begin developing nipples. Your baby's hair color is pretty white at this point – but don't worry, it's only because pigment hasn't developed yet. If you are dreaming of a brunette or flaming red head, that will come into play a few weeks from now. 3D ultrasounds at this point, usually can give you a good idea of who your child will resemble at birth, as facial feature development is just about complete.

Tips of the Week
Now is the time when well-meaning friends and family will begin hounding you about a baby shower. Word to the wise; register for practical items like; diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers and even better, gift-certificates. Remember your baby will be spitting up so often that all of those adorable clothes in the newborn section, will end up being washed so much they will fade quickly. Choose onesies, footed sleepers, gowns, socks and other clothing items that will be easy for you to wash and change often! While it may seem early, you never know what the next few weeks will bring – so spend an afternoon at your favorite baby superstore creating your wish list. Remember, the people planning your shower love you, so you might as well let them have their fun even if you aren't exactly a party girl.

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