22 June 2012

23weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 11.38 inches
Weight: 1.10 pound

Maternal Changes
Yo uterus, slow down already! Your uterus is now taking up much of your abdominal cavity, probably rising well over an inch above your belly button (or what's left of it). You may notice that your balance is a little off, which is normal during pregnancy. Yoga can help you maintain your center of balance. Getting up and down, and even climbing stairs should be taken a little slower. Now may also be the time for a maternity belt. Likely, the constant stretching in the ligaments of your lower belly is painful, and a pregnancy belt can help. And lucky you, hormones start raging again making you feel like a pubescent teen. Roll with it girl, embrace the laughter and indulge the tears – as this is a great metaphor for what it will be like to raise your child.

Fetal Changes
Those hormones raging in your body, mean big growth for the baby. Your baby's brain is developing again and the cerebrum (area that controls emotions) is now rapidly forming. Your baby is learning to feel things like hunger thirst, sadness, fear and even happiness. Hair, skin, and eye pigmenting will now commence and your baby's body is finally in proportion. If you could see your baby 24 hours a day, you would notice that not only your baby is sucking a thumb, but your baby is also strengthening the jaw muscles that will be needed to breast-feed or bottle-feed at delivery. (Watch out nipples)!

Tips of the Week
Has your baby been moving like crazy and then suddenly stops? This can be frightening and it happens to all moms to be. If you haven't felt your baby move, it could be that all the moving around you are doing is lulling your little one to sleep. It also could mean that your baby is waiting till nighttime to kick it up in high gear (lucky you). Basically, your baby has set sleep rhythms now. However, if you haven't felt any movement and are extremely worried, drink a glass of cold orange juice and lie down on your left side to see if the sugar will perk your baby up. Still worried, phone the doctor and schedule yourself a quick appointment to hear the heartbeat. You will feel much better after that.

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