16 July 2012

24weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 11.81 inches
Weight: 1.32 pound

Maternal Changes
Has your innie gone outie? With your fundus continuing to grow it is normal to feel pain at the top of your stomach. You may be starting to experience heartburn and indigestion – which is not just the result of your growing belly. Your metabolism is also slowing down a bit which makes digestion harder. On the flip side, your appetite may begin to spike again. Your doctor may begin seeing you twice a month at this point to make sure that you don't have any cervical changes that could land you on bed rest. Oh – and are you feeling those Braxton Hicks contractions? Enjoy them, they are nothing like the real thing and are simply your bodies way of working out for the big event. As long as they aren't consistent and don't get harder and faster, relaxing for a few minutes should help them to alleviate.

Fetal Changes
Guess what? Your baby is now considered legally viable. This means that if you were to have your baby right now, your baby has a fair chance of survival. But don't get out the Castor Oil just yet; your baby still has a long road ahead in order to be a healthy newborn. The lungs are beginning to produce surfactant this week, which will enable your little one to inhale and exhale when born. Additionally, brain development is spiking again and your baby is slowly but surely learning how to coordinate all of the innate functions like heart rhythm, breathing, kidney function, and circulation. Your baby is eagerly gaining fat in the pockets beneath the skin which will give your baby that beautiful, pudgy glow of babyhood when born.

Tips for the Week
Recognizing pre-term labor is now important. It can easily be confused with Braxton Hicks contractions. The biggest difference is that Braxton Hicks contractions do not cause the cervix to efface or open. In order to tell the difference, you need to sit or lie down and use the contraction timer in tools to monitor the intervals. If the contractions are consistent, meaning they come at regular intervals that get closer and closer together, you need to visit the ER or your doctor. If they get closer and harder as time goes on, you can assume they are pre-term labor contractions. Braxton Hicks contractions are sporadic, may go away with relaxation or movement, and will not be rhythmic. Also, however gross it may be, check the toilet after you use the bathroom for signs of your mucous plug – which will cause bloody discharge that is very thick.

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