16 July 2012

25weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 13.62 inches
Weight: 1.46 pound

Maternal Changes
Do you feel like your rib cage is caving in? With your uterus growing up and out, it is putting pressure on your major organs and the bones of your spine and ribs. Ouch! Look for signs of preeclampsia which are swelling of the hands, feet, or face. Your doctor should be keeping a good eye on your blood pressure. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and expect some swelling in the morning when you wake up. Your blood and fluid volume is still on the rise accounting for the swelling. Hate to mention it again, but light exercise can also help…so stay moving. You may be able to feel bony parts of your baby poking through your abdominal skin. Likely, what you feel is the rump or head, but soon you will be able to feel actual fingers, hands and knees. Playing "guess that body part," is now part for the course of a Friday night fun. Yeah!

Fetal Changes
Oh baby, how you have grown! The spine structures, including 33 vertebrae, 150 joints, and 1,000 ligaments are all coming into place. Your baby is now able to support its body weight, but is weak which makes it a good thing that your baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid. Another big deal this week is that brainwave patterns are beginning to develop. This means your baby will be able to remember things, like the sound of your voice. If you desperately want your baby to adore country music, now is the time to begin playing it for her. Amazingly, the intricate details of the hands and fingers are now 100% complete. Pretty soon, you will be kissing them.

Tips of the Week
Hey dad! Now is the perfect time to give your mom-to-be a massage. Her back is aching, and her nerve endings are being squashed by the fruit of your loins. Rub her belly, her back, her shoulders, and her feet! Research shows that women with a loving, supportive partner during pregnancy suffer from less post-partum depression and have less health risks to both mom and baby at delivery. Plus, your baby will be able to associate the sound of your voice near mama with relaxation and love – giving you a shoe in the door for being one of your baby's favorite people after birth. Okay, so you would be a favorite anyways, but mom needs a massage!

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