16 July 2012

26weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 14.02 inches
Weight: 1.68 pound

Maternal Changes
Your belly is now the size of a big soccer ball. All of this weight and pressure on the front side of your body is no doubt causing you aches and pains. You may be tempted to soak in hot baths. For most moms this is okay, just make sure you have assistance getting in and out of the tub and that the water is not too hot. Hormones will be loosening up your hip joints and you may feel them cracking and popping. You have probably gained somewhere around the 20 pound mark (but who's counting). Continue to eat healthily. Your body still needs at least an extra 300 calories per day to keep up with the demands of the baby. Also, any sudden jerking movements in your stomach that you may feel are simply the result of your baby having hiccups. Cute…but oh so annoying!

Fetal Changes
Your big banana sized baby now has the brain capacity of a newborn. They will spend the next few months perfecting their brain functions as the brain continues to grow inside. In fact, half of your baby's expelled energy will go to brain development from now until delivery. Lung function is still very premature, but is improving as more and more surfactant is being produced. Your baby is also putting on weight every day, and may gain anywhere from a half ounce to ounce per week. Remember it isn't the quantity of food you eat that helps them gain weight but the quality!

Tips of the Week
Your employer is getting worried, and now may be the time to talk to them about your maternity leave. Ask about working from home to extend your leave of absence. In most countries, you are entitled to stay home for a few months, but will only be paid according to your work place's guidelines. Before you talk to your boss, be sure you have an action plan in place that ensures they won't be left high and dry when you deliver. Additionally, begin thinking about your choices after delivery. Are you going to stay home? Are you going to return to work? Your decisions don't have to be set in stone, but this is a good time to begin discussing them with your spouse and your employer.

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