18 July 2012

27weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 14.41 inches
Weight: 1.93 pound

Maternal Changes
You can now officially do the 'third trimester party dance.' Not a moment to soon either, as pregnancy is beginning to take its toll. Many women find around this point that they have difficulty breathing which is because of the pressure on your lungs, but also because your circulation is beginning to slow down. Powerful kicks and twirls in utero can leave you in pain and may even cause bruises to form. Your routine visits will continue to include your doctor checking your cervix for signs of early labor, which is an uncomfortable experience by this point. You may be told to abstain from sex (like that will be a problem) should they see any signs of dilation or effacing.

Fetal Changes
Your baby is moving more than ever, taking advantage of still having extra space to turn somersaults inside the womb. The eyelids, which have been fused together, will start to un-attach this week. Once they do, your baby can open its eyes in utero and SEE! Adding to your baby's charm are eyebrows and eyelashes. While your baby's eyes are now pigmented, the color will not be finalized until after delivery. Your little one is still very interested in gaining weight and will become pudgier every day. The lungs are also preparing to breathe air, although it will take several more weeks before your baby will be able to do so unassisted. The hands, while completely functional at this point, still do not know how to let go or release, and your baby may be holding its feet, arms or the umbilical cord in the uterine environment.

Tips of the Week
Gaining weight is necessary in pregnancy. Far too many women, boast about the amount of weight they gained or didn't gained. If you are sensitive to how much you are gaining, then ask your doctor to keep it a secret, even from you! Also, ignore those mothers who seem proud that they only gained 10 pounds or something ridiculous. Your 20-30 pounds at this point is perfectly acceptable and if there are any problems -leave it to your doctor to tell you. Even then, take it with a grain of salt. DAD – Be sure not to look at your wife as though she swallowed a watermelon. Her body will return to normal, it won't be exactly the same – but she will be normal nonetheless! Look at your journey thus far! You should be focusing on the happiness and appreciative of the miracle of life. Did you know if your baby was born today, your baby would have a 95% chance of survival! That just shows you that the end is near.

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