24 July 2012

28weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 14.80 inches
Weight: 2.22 pounds

Maternal Changes
Leg cramps are normal during pregnancy. Along with these undesirable side effects can come hemorrhoids (yes really), stretch marks, varicose veins, heartburn, indigestion, odd aches and pains and of course…swelling and irritability. If your belly is starting to be itchy and dry, make sure you rub it down with moisturizer or Mother's Friend creams. Don't worry too much about stretch marks, as there is not much you can do about them. They will fade after pregnancy. If heartburn has become your new partner – try to eat lighter, more frequent meals and keep your head elevated at night. Your baby may be sitting on top of your rectum and bladder –drastically changing your bathroom habits. If you haven't had your glucose tolerance test – this will be the week.

Fetal Changes
At the size of a papaya, your baby still has a lot of growing to do. Your baby's energy is concentrated on gaining subcutaneous fat and muscle tone. Now that your baby can open its eyes, your baby will also learn to blink this week. The bone structure is strong enough now to support the tiny body, but the bones are still soft and pliable. They will not ossify (harden) completely until around 4 years of age. The joints have not yet completely fused, which ensures your baby stays flexible for delivery. Believe it or not, sometime during this week – your baby is also developing their first stool. This is called meconium and will stay in the digestive tract until after delivery. Diapers, here you come!

Tips of the Week
What day is it? Chances are you might not remember. Pregnancy makes women forgetful and yes, it is all because of those pesky hormones. It is also likely due to the fact that your mind is on so many other things. Make check lists and synchronize your calendars to try and make things easy for you. Don't bother tying a string on your finger, because chances are you will forget why you did it. Instead, take a few minutes every day to write things down. Meditating for just a few minutes every day can help you to maintain mental clarity as well. Consider this preparatory for what life will be like with an infant in the house and gather some coping skills now. This will save your sanity and ensure you are most prepared come delivery.

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