01 August 2012

29weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 15.2 inches
Weight: 2.54 pounds

Maternal Changes
You have officially entered the grin and bear it phase of pregnancy. The bottom line is that everything happening to you is a result of pregnancy and hormones and there isn't much you can do to change it. And from today till delivery, your breasts will likely increase by a third of their normal size. You may begin leaking liquid out of your nipples as well (how attractive is that). If you notice sciatic pain, try using cold and warm compresses at the source of pain to try and shrink the swelling of the nerves. Stretching and squatting are great exercises to do now (oh come on, it's not that bad), and will help you when it comes time to deliver.

Fetal Changes
Your baby is breathing! Not air of course, but they are able to expand their lungs and take in amniotic fluid, building up the muscles they will need to take their actual first breath (BTW, it's not that far away now). Your baby is learning to maintain body temperatures, which right now stay snugly at around 101ºF/ 38.5ºC. Your baby is around the size of a butternut squash, but much cuter! Your little one has also developed the senses of hearing, smell, taste and is making some hysterical facial expressions in utero. With plenty of room to move about, chances are your baby is very active (especially after you eat)!

Tips of the Week
First of all, now is the time to finalize that birthing plan you were reminded about during week 20. Secondly, don't forget to include your partner. Dads can get involved by helping with the nursery, going to OB visits with you, choosing clothes and other baby items as well as help to oversee the baby shower if you haven't had it already. Mom might feel like everything truly important is being left to her – which may tend to make her grumpy or resentful. The best way to help her is to try and walk in her shoes. You could do this literally (with a fake pregnancy suit) or emotionally at the very least. Pregnancy is difficult, but it is much easier when a couple does things and makes decisions together.

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