28 August 2012

33weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 17.20 inches
Weight: 4.23 pounds

Maternal Changes
Average weight gain to this point for you is likely 28 – 33 pounds. Here in the home-stretch, you may put on a pound or more per week depending on your appetite. Some women have hunger surges, while others begin leveling off and even feeling sick again. By now, you are familiar with the term edema, which means swelling. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help. Contractions may be getting more consistent and your stomach may actually 'ball-up' during the most inopportune times. You also may notice that cervical discharge requires you to wear a pad from here on out. Make sure you throw away those heels or boots and opt for comfortable and supportive shoes! In this case, uglier might just be better.

Fetal Changes
This week, your baby will begin developing folds on the cerebral cortex of the brain. Full development of this part of the brain won't come until beyond the teenage years. Right now, it means your baby is getting better control of localized functions. This translates to the ability to live outside the womb. Your baby spends most of the day and night sleeping and your baby's skin is finally changing from red to pretty pink. Your baby is dreaming and you may notice from time to time that they startle easily should you hear a very loud noise. Sometimes, they may even startle from a dream they are having during REM sleep in utero.

Tip of the Week
Now might be the time to pack your overnight bag. Include everything you might need for delivery and afterwards. A camera, video camera, a going home outfit for the baby and plenty of comfortable clothes for you. You might want to bring a book, a relaxing music CD or even a movie you can watch should your labor be long and intensive. Forget those pre-pregnancy skinny jeans and halter top, which in reality need to be burned now. They will fit again soon enough, but few women leave the hospital looking much different than they did when they went in. Also, don't forget to bring the names and phone numbers of people you may want to call after you have the baby.

Twin/multiples info
Are you happy with your birthing plan? Most health professionals will recommend that you deliver your babies in the hospital. Twin deliveries can be riskier than singleton deliveries. Many doctors encourage their patients to schedule delivery via induction or C-Section. Remember, the choice is YOURS and you have to feel comfortable with your birthing plan. Use this week's pre-natal appointment as chance to consult with your doctor or midwife so that you are clear on ALL the birthing options available to you. Ultimately, the goal is a healthy mom and healthy babies, and when the time comes, you might have to remain flexible in order to have the best outcome.

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