08 August 2012

Week30 Pregnancy Info

Length: 15.71 inches
Weight: 2.91 pounds

Maternal Changes
Week 30! With only 10 weeks to go excitement and anxiety are getting high. Your uterus is now 4 cm above your navel and you wonder how much bigger it can get. Truth is, lots! Your baby will double in weight during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. Progesterone will begin to increase again, which can mean you might be feeling nauseous and fatigued again. Not to mention the fact that you aren't sleeping well (use a prenatal pillow to prop up your belly). Sleep on your left side for reduced pressure on your major arteries. Pressure from the baby will begin to shift to your lower pelvis, which can make using the bathroom uncomfortable. Don't worry, your cervix is still holding things tight! Your boobs are probably unrecognizable with dark nipples, deep veins, fluid leaking from the nipples and increased size. It is normal for them to hurt or even be slightly warm to the touch. Sleep without a bra whenever you can.

Fetal Changes
Your baby is becoming discriminate! Try testing voices and music to see which ones your baby likes better. More importantly however is the fact that your baby's bone marrow is now producing red blood cells. The lungs are active and ready to take in the first breath of oxygen. All of that fuzzy lanugo that covered the body is beginning to disappear. Most newborns are still born with a whitish lining which helps them pass through the birth canal. Toe and fingernails are now complete, and may even need to be clipped right after delivery to make sure they don't scratch themselves. Your baby will react to your touch on the outside of your belly. If your baby is in an uncomfortable position, try gently nudging and chances are your baby will move.

Tips of the Week
Breast or bottle, that IS the question! Truth is while you may be for or against breast-feeding from early in pregnancy; things don't always work out as planned. Some women have problems breast-feeding, others cannot envision doing it. Most health practitioners will recommend breastfeeding your baby unless there is a medical reason not to do so. Long-term benefits of breastfeeding may include decreasing the risk of Type I and Type II diabetes, childhood cancer, allergies and obesity. If you are thinking about breastfeeding, you might want to attend prenatal breastfeeding classes to increase the chance of successful breastfeeding. There is a lot of pressure to breast feed, but if it doesn't work out as planned, be confident that formula milk today is made to mimic breast milk very closely. Sometimes Mother Nature isn't perfect and it may not be the best thing for you or your baby. Either way, start using a nipple cream now that will help to soothe your nipples and keep them from itching.

Twin/multiples info
By week 30, a mother of twins is the same size that a pregnant mother of one baby is at full term. This means you might be a tad uncomfortable. Foot and ankle swelling, backaches, varicose veins, and sore joints can make it impossible to get comfortable. Make sure you invest in comfortable (flat) shoes, a maternity pillow to sleep with, and some support hose to help with the swelling of the legs, ankles, and feet. If your belly and lower back feel sore, a maternity belt, available in stores and online can do wonders to alleviate much of the discomfort you feel.

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