14 August 2012

Week31 Pregnant Info

Length: 16.18 inches
Weight: 3.31 pounds

Maternal Changes
The good news is that your baby's movements will start to slow down as room becomes scarce. The bad news is that when your baby DOES move, you will feel it like never before. Some baby's turn into a head down position as early as the 31st week. The final turn can be extremely painful. Your doctor can tell from a cervical and abdominal exam what position your baby is in. Keep a close eye on your blood pressure and keep in mind that anything 140/90 or more could potentially indicate a problem. Your doctor will check your urine for protein if they expect preeclampsia. Sudden weight gain, headaches, and vision problems could be your first indicator that there is a problem. Make sure you intake fluids, continue to eat healthily, and get as much exercise as you feel up to.

Fetal Changes
The only thing not ready for delivery is your baby's lungs. Amazingly, every other organ is ready. Your baby may weigh as much as a gallon of milk and will double in weight, gaining as much as 17 ounces per week. The bones are beginning to ossify – which means your baby will need plenty of calcium from YOU. Your baby's brain is continuing to grow and the folds of the cerebrum and cerebellum are increasing. What a smart little baby you are having? Your baby is paying lots of attention to what you are doing and to what is going on around you, so be sure to keep things calm and peaceful. Research indicates that your baby actually feels maternal stress – so keep it at a minimum.

Tips for the Week
Dad. Have you heard of push presents? Now is the time to start searching and YES…you better have one ready. A push present is something you give mom after she has labored endlessly to provide you with your child. This isn't a gift you can go out and get 2 hours before delivery. It takes a lot of thought and should be very special. Her first piece of mom jewelry, perhaps a diamond pendant or even something engraved with your baby's name (if you are 100% sure) are great push presents. She won't ask for one, but if you forget to get one, prepared to never be able to live it down!

Twin/multiples info
Multiples can sometimes come early, so it's important to prepare ahead of time. Go ahead and get your hospital bag ready, keep important numbers on hand, and make sure that last minute preparations for the nursery are complete. If you are on bedrest, use this time to address birth announcements, plan for the babies' arrival, and to organize the laundry list of volunteers who are no doubt eager to help you after delivery. You will likely see your doctor weekly from this point on to check for any cervical changes. It is also fairly common for doctors to do late term ultrasounds to check on the development of your babies.

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