11 September 2012

34weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 17.72 inches
Weight: 4.73 pounds

Maternal Changes
Have you noticed changes in your eyesight? Because of the excess fluid building in your body – even your eyes are affected. Your vision may be blurry, or you may have headaches caused by vision problems. Your eyes will also feel dry and irritated because tear secretion is at all time lows. These changes are all temporary, and you will be seeing things more clearly once the baby arrives. Watch out for signs that your sugar is fluctuating as well. You may get shaky during the day, which means that an extra snack or two is in order. Baby movement is now slowing down, but when your baby does move – you feel it to say the least! If your baby's head is resting on your cervix, you may literally feel like something is about to 'fall out' of your vagina! This is just the excess weight and feel assured, no baby has just fallen out unexpectedly.

Fetal Changes
Your little angel is now peeing at the rate of a pint a day (now you can see where all that weight is coming from)! Actually, this is impressive and is just another sign of your baby's readiness to be born. Up until now, your baby had no immune system of its own and relied upon your antibodies to keep safe. This week, your baby's own immune system is kicking into high gear. Good news, if your baby was born today, your baby would have a high chance of having few problems. Of course, the lungs still need as much time as possible. If you are having a son, the testicles will begin descending this week as well.

Tip of the Week
If you didn't heed the advice to take a little getaway during the second trimester – the two of you might want to escape for an overnight rendezvous of your own right now. Obviously, you don't want to go too far from the hospital – but an overnight hotel visit complete with room service, a massage (and a pedicure for those long forgotten feet) as well as some time to be together can be just the thing. Waiting gets harder by the minute at this stage of the game, and who knows –it may be a long, long time before the opportunity to escape without careful planning is afforded you once the baby is born.

Twin/multiples info
Did you know that the average length of a twin pregnancy is 35 weeks? Even so, more than half of all women pregnant with twins give birth before the 37-week mark. You might be anxious and ready to have your babies, but the bottom line is that the longer you can keep them inside, the healthier they will be! Also, if you haven't done so already, now is the PERFECT time to begin researching pediatricians. Look for a pediatrician that specializes in multiple births, as they may be more qualified to deal with some of the health problems specific to multiples.

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