11 September 2012

35weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 18.19 inches
Weight: 5.25 pounds

Maternal Changes
Perhaps the biggest change right now for you is annoyance. You can see the finish line, but gosh….a few more weeks seems like an eternity. Between the cervical discharge, the contractions, the bodily changes that make you unrecognizable to yourself in the mirror, - your emotions are likely in high gear. Not only that, you are worried about labor and delivery and your maternal instinct! All of this is NORMAL. Relax. Try to keep yourself busy focusing on the things you can do. Write in a journal, organize something, get your birth announcements ready to go. Some women do well taking the last few weeks of pregnancy off for some much-needed rest and pampering, while others think the distraction of work makes the time go faster. Bottom line, you are almost there! Hang in there and treat your symptoms (physical and emotional) with some TLC. You will put on weight faster during these last few weeks than during any other time in pregnancy.

Fetal Changes
Your baby is moving further down the birth canal and gaining weight at rapid speeds (what a lucky mom you are). Your baby is putting on something called 'brown fat' this week which is designed to help your baby's stay warm after delivery. The vernix covering your baby is thicker now to help your baby's slide through the birth canal with ease. The testes in boys are now descended and your baby is busy practicing everything from sucking and breathing to peeing and smiling. With less room to move, the baby is now kicking and punching harder than ever.

Tip of the Week
Now is the time to find yourself some earplugs. It's bad enough that people think because you are pregnant, they have the right to just touch your belly (since when is that appropriate for women). But worse, every female that ever gave birth whether 100 or 21, will share their labor and delivery story with you. Tell them, "Thanks, but no thanks" and walk away. You have a free pass to be rude when you are this pregnant. Also, make sure you practice your breathing with your partner so they will be able to help you through labor. Those birthing classes are about to come in handy. If you didn't take one – no worries. More than half of all women don't sign up.

Twin/multiples info
Many mothers of twins worry about how they will breastfeed more than one baby at a time. It can be tricky, but the truth is your body is designed perfectly to do so. If you want to breastfeed, there is no reason why you can't just because you have multiples. Educate yourself by taking breastfeeding classes at your birthing center or hospital, contact a La Leche League in your locale and look for forums on breastfeeding multiples online. Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience and for a mother of twins it can be doubly so.

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