19 September 2012

36weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 18.66 inches
Weight: 5.78 pounds

Maternal Changes
Welcome to the weekly visit, where your OB will poke and prod your cervix every week in what feels like an attempt to break your bag of waters. The good news is that if you go into labor anytime during this week, the medical community WILL NOT try to stop it and your baby will likely be perfectly fine. You may feel what is called lightening this week, which means you start carrying your baby lower. For some women, this brings some relief off of the back. You should still try to consume around 2400 calories per day, because your baby is putting on massive amounts of weight from here on out. Get as much rest as possible, look for signs of preeclampsia and start paying close attention to your contractions. You never know…the real ones could start at any time.

Fetal Changes
Your baby has an insatiable appetite at this point, working hard to gain as much weight as possible. The knees and elbows are getting those tell tale folds of infancy. While the downy hair called lanugo is just about gone, the cheese like substance called vernix has now covered your baby (sounds yuck…but you won't think anything of it when you see your baby for the first time). Your baby is still sleeping around 90% of the day away, and will continue to do this even a couple of weeks after birth. Your baby is life size now – and will gain weight at the rate of ½ to 1 pound per week from here on out.

Tip of the Week
It is a universal fear of pregnant women to worry about their water breaking in the middle of the grocery store. Sure, it could happen - but most often, it doesn't. In fact, around only 1/3 of all women experience their water breaking on their own. You will feel something different when labor is imminent. Just pay attention to your moods and body, and you will know whether to avoid the grocery store or not. Nesting, which commonly occurs before birth may give you an extreme burst of energy or cleaning instinct. If this happens to you – make sure there is gas in the car, your spouse is near, and you are ready to go!

Twin/multiples info
Things are getting tight inside the uterus now. Even so, this is a critical time for development as the babies are gaining the needed layers of fat that helps them maintain body temperature after delivery. Additionally, during week 36, surfactant is being produced in your babies' lungs which enable them to take their first breath of air. Unfortunately, many mothers of multiples who make it to the 36-week mark are extremely uncomfortable. Take a breath, realizing that you are providing everything your babies need for a healthy life. Soon, you will get to meet your babies face to face.

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  1. salam ziarah...
    36 weeks and counting :)
    semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan :)

  2. Waalaikumsalam..
    Amin3.. Moga2 semua selamat.. Thanks ya!