03 October 2012

38weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 19.61 inches
Weight: 6.80 pounds

Maternal Changes
Now is the time to adopt the thinking of the Little Engine that Could. You got this! Colostrum is now building up in your breasts. Your actual milk won't come in for a few days after delivery. You should be ready for labor at any moment now. False labor pains are a daily occurrence by this point. Keep alert to recognize the signs of labor. As a new hormonal mix begins to take place, you may have some extra energy right before delivery. This is nature's way of preparing you for the big event. Continue eating healthily and taking care of yourself all the way through the end. You may have gained anywhere between 22 – 37 pounds at this point, but you know what – it's all for a good cause.

Fetal Changes
Your baby knows it's crunch time! Surfactant, which will help them breath oxygen, is being produced in record numbers. They are constantly practicing for their first breath and their little heart is pumping blood furiously through their tiny body. Meconium, which is really a fancy word for poo - is building up in your baby's intestines and most of the major details are essentially complete. Some lanugo may still be shedding and your baby may even be born with patches of this white fur on their body. Weight gain is rapid and your baby is just about ready to be born!

Tip of the Week
Mom and dad need to know a thing or two about due dates. You know how you might have a bill due – but you know you won't be charged a late fee for at least 10 days after the due date. Well, your baby's due date is similar. Hate to tell you this, but only 5% of all babies are born ON their due date. Most are born somewhere between the 37th and 41st week. So don't schedule vacation, certain days off or help to watch the dogs at home for a specific date. Your baby will break you in fast and furious by coming at the most confusing and inopportune time possible! When you least expect it, expect it and think of your due date as more of an average!

Twin/multiples info
Right now, you should be focusing all of your energy on resting. Sit down with your feet propped up as much as possible. Make sure to continue eating nutritionally balanced meals, and daydream a little about what your life with multiples will be like. Have you picked out names yet? Is everything ready? Your doctor will likely see you twice a week at this point to check your cervix and make sure that the babies are still in a head down position and ready for delivery. At any given time now, you could go into labor, which makes that sore back and aching pelvic muscles a little easier to deal with.

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