11 October 2012

39weeks Pregnancy Info

Length: 19.96 inches
Weight: 7.25 pounds

Maternal Changes
To be frank, you have been a boring soul to follow for the last few weeks. Yet, the changes occurring in your body are important. Sure, you are larger than life right now, cannot see your feet, and may be very tired of being pregnant. These feelings are all prompting your body to mix up a hormonal cocktail that will have you delivering anytime now. As you go through this week without much change, you may even be more anxious than ever before (sadly, many women go beyond 40 weeks). There is really nothing else for you to do at this point but wait. And wait. You will continue to gain weight until the end and will likely be uncomfortable as well. Do your very best to keep yourself calm, relaxed and comfortable. Remember, your baby can sense how you feel.

Fetal Changes
Wow, is it crowded in here or what? Suddenly the Olympic sized swimming pool has turned into a kiddy pool for your baby, and they have very little room. Your baby's muscles are getting stronger every day (which you no doubt feel) and things are feeling pretty cramped. The placenta is starting to decline but still supplies your baby with antibodies until delivery. Your baby is gaining weight and continuing to work out for the first breath of oxygen.

Tip of the Week
Hindsight is 20/20! So just in case your 'seeing' is off right now – be reminded that this is a very special time in you and your baby's life. In your family's life. Once the baby is out of the womb, you will miss being so close to them and knowing that you are keeping them safe no matter what. You will also miss being pregnant, and be immediately thrown into the second step of parenthood that may have both of you reeling. Savor the day. Carpe diem. Enjoy where you are right now. Let your spouse kiss your baby and see if he can hear the heartbeat with his ears or a stethoscope. Talk to your baby, and try to find comfort and joy in where you are RIGHT NOW. You won't regret that you did. And OH!!!! Take a picture TODAY, RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT, WITH YOUR IPHONE to prove just how big you are! Who knows, it could be the last chance to do so!

Twin/multiples info
If you have made it this far, congratulate yourself. By and large, most mothers of multiples have already given birth by week 39. The end of this journey is now clearly in sight and you will soon begin your new journey of caring for newborn multiples. Try to enjoy these last moments of pregnancy as much as possible with the realization that you will miss being pregnant again in a few months time.

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