29 January 2013

Well, it wasn't a good start of 2013

Assalamualaikum wbt,

It has been quite long I haven't updated my blog. I was sooo busy. Too many task to be handled and completed on every single day. The most bengang part was I am now working on shift. Started 1st Jan! Included weekend and public holiday tau! I still wondering why my supervisor don't know how to differentiate "exec" and "non-exec". Penat belajar sampai degree but gaji non-exec much more higher! They can claim OT which I don't deserve it! I only can claim cuti but what for? Cuti time orang bekerja is just wasting a time lah. Memang moral down sekarang ni.. Now we are running on 2shifts (8am to 5pm & 2pm - 11pm). But sooner or later garenti 24jam.. Who knows? Hisshhh I need to find another job. Nak update resume dari sehari ke sehari. Memang tak ada masa sekarang.. Alahai memang busy.. Okaylah, jumpa di next entry..


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  1. sabar ye, insyaallah ada rezeki lain mendatang. take ur time

  2. Mrs Yana, thnx for the support.. Insyaallah mudah2an luas pintu rezeki kita :).. Baru perasan title tahun 1013.. Nak cepat punya pasal :p