02 March 2013

Really adore you, Ustazah Syazwina!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I'm on leave today (replacement leave because I was work during CNY haritu).

Lagipun nak setelkan persiapan majlis aqiqah Sayf besok. Btw, not just aqiqah tapi ada marhaban, khatam quran (morning session) and solemnization on the evening. Around 3pm I guest..

It's a solemnization ceremony for my SIL. My hubby's elder sister.

She is ustazah, teaching arabic language in UKM. I really adore her, seriously! Never get to know a person like her before.. I can say that she has a full package of "wanita muslimah" which apparently open up my eyes on how to be a good person in an islamic way.

Not just her appearance and her beautiful face, but the way she talks will definitely makes you falling in love with her.

The day has come.. A few more hours to go. Hope evrything is going smoothly. I always pray for the best.. Insyaallah..


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