16 December 2014

Big Bad Wolf 2014 Extended!


Actually I was tried to go there on yesterday's evening, but decided to make a U-turn due to heavy traffic. 

Eventhough it's a 24hours book sale since 5th December, but I still don't know WHY I couldn't make it. My weekends have been so packed lately. 

Hopefully I still have a chance to go there again, where supposedly this year is my 3rd year "memborong" at BBW. For me, most of the book especially for kids are very practical, easy to read and of course, it's very CHEAP. 

Well, to tell you the truth, Im not a bookworm but at least I want to train my kids to be good at reading, especially at an early age. 

Alhamdulillah, at the age of 2years old, Sayf is now able to recite and sing the alphabet song, counts to 12 in English / Malay! He is very addicted to numbers recently. Whenever he sees clock, calender, car's plate number and fixed line phone, he will count the numbers correctly and clearly!

Sayf at 6months old! 

Sayf at 14months old!

Sayf at 14months old!

Sayf at 12months old!

Sayf at 21months old!

Sayf at 25months old!

All the books in the picture was bought at BBW. Really worth it!

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