12 March 2015

Thank You.. Simple word!

Assalamualaikum wbt...,

Entry kali ni emo sikit. 

Kenapalah hidup aku dikelilingi dengan orang yang susah sangat nak berterima kasih. Just say "Thank You" jelah. Simple word right? 

Bukan nak merungut tapi this is what we call as ethics. When people around you did something nice to you, just say thanks eventhough u need to say it for a 10thousand times. 

Well I'm not aspecting something good in return but with this powerful word of "Thank you" can makes you simply feeling appreciated.

Kita hidup tak lama. That's why aku cuba nak menghappykan semua orang. Eventhough ianya tak seberapa or cara tak berapa kena, well you should know I'm trying my best to make you happy.

It's really hard to make them realize for every single thing you did. Or at least please acknowledge my existence!

My question is, how to be a passive and hati kering person like you???

No wonder if Sorry pun susah nak cakap..

Kejam sangat..



  1. hi cik la.. Congrats on your wedding. sy nak minta tolong..cik la ada nombor contact semenyih clubhouse? sy dah google tapi tak de.. =( tq in advance ye

    1. Im so sorry. My hubby dah tak simpan no clubhouse tu. Apa kata u direct pergi survey sana ya.

  2. Thank you! tu je la comment nya cukup :D

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